At NeuShield we have taken a completely different approach to traditional security by offering data protection. Rather than trying to detect and block threats one-by-one we take a new patent pending approach that uses Mirror Shielding™, One-Click Restore and Data Engrams™ which shield important data to prevent threats from modifying it.

This new approach allows us to instantly recover data from any unknown or zero-day threat. Because we are protecting the data rather than trying to find specific threats, we can do this without requiring continuous updates and without signatures. NeuShield Data Sentinel does more than just detecting and blocking ransomware attacks. We’re the only anti-ransomware technology that can recover your damaged data from malicious software attacks without a backup. Data Sentinel uses Mirror Shielding™ to protect files ensuring that you can instantly recover your important data from any ransomware attack.

There is no solution that can detect or block all ransomware attacks. No matter how ransomware gets into your network, NeuShield can ensure you get your data back instantly. NeuShield can recover from threats that no one can detect.

We’re the only anti-ransomware technology that can recover your original data from malicious software attacks without a backup. Other security technologies allow your original data to get encrypted and then attempt to recover using restore or rollback.

With NeuShield’s patented Mirror Shielding™ technology, your original data is never modified. Your data can always be recovered no matter how much is encrypted. Rollback technologies rely on local backups of your data. This limits how much they can backup. If too much data is encrypted or disk space is limited they will be unable recover all your data.

NeuShield is the only solution that can recover all of your encrypted data instantly. Other technologies rely on backup and restore, rollback or using cloud copies of your data. With these technologies, if too much data is encrypted it will take a very long time to recover all the data on your original device.