fudo security

Fudo Security is a secure access company based in both Silicon Valley and Warsaw, Poland. It has an ever-growing network of over 400 partners and is present in over 30 countries.   The company’s mission is to make data breaches a thing of the past.

Fudo Security,previously known as Wheel Systems, is a private network security and IT solutions company focused on developing Privileged Access Management (PAM) and Privileged Session Monitoring (PSM) products. Currently staffed in three offices, USA, Germany, and Poland. The company already operates in healthcare, manufacturing, IT, telecoms, and public sectors industries. Fudo Security was founded in 2012 in Warsaw, Poland, by Patryk Brozek (CEO) and Pawel Dawidek (Co-Founder and CTO), with operations in Europe and California. The company operates on three continents and is present in over 30 countries focusing on the Americas, EMEA, and APAC regions.

Fudo PAM OS is based on FreeBSD - an open-source OS, where Fudo Security CTO, Pawel Dawdiek, was an early contributor (source committer). FreeBSD is one of the most mature open-source projects used by Netflix, Cisco, Whatsapp, and Apple. Fudo Security released the 5.0 version of Fudo PAM, which further improved its various support protocols ranging from Graphical protocols such as RDP, VNC, and X11. With classic HTTP and HTTPS application protocols and SSH and Telnet (3270 and 5250) command line protocols have been implemented and improved, amending additional protocol support.

Fudo PAM supports SSH ProxyJump configuration to connect to a specifically targeted server. The SSH update also allows all users to keep their SSH key private/still secret and forward the SSH agent to all account types, maintaining internal security. Fudo PAM highly supports Multi-Factor Authentication, implementing RADIUS, SMS, DUO, and OATH authentication. Widely supporting External Authentication, where users can implement their AD and RADIUS appliance, with even Azure Authentication methods to render any HTTP-based server (i.e., Salesforce, Linkedin, Twitter, Asana, and many more).