Rapid7 is a network security firm founded in 2000 in Boston, Massachusetts. The company is known for its Security Operations (SecOps) tools in Vulnerability Management, Application Security Testing, Cloud Security and SIEM, which assess security risks and network attacks. Corey Thomas is CEO. In 2009, Rapid7 acquired Metasploit, and has maintained the open source project, which collects known exploits to facilitate penetration testing. Rapid7 had its initial public offering in 2015. Rapid7 bought Boston-based security automation company Komand in 2017 and tCell, a developer of mobile web security applications, in 2018. It purchased the network traffic and monitoring firm NetFort in 2019. In April 2020, the company purchased DivvyCloud, a maker of cloud computing monitoring systems, for $145 million USD. In January 2021, it purchased the Tel Aviv software development company Alcide for $50 million USD.


CLOUD SECURITY- InsightCloudSec enables you to drive innovation through continuous security and compliance in the cloud.

XDR & SIEM- InsightIDR accelerates detection and response by increasing efficiency with embedded threat intelligence, expertly vetted detections, and automation for faster response.

THREAT INTELLIGENCE- Threat Command monitors thousands of sources across the clear, deep, and dark web to identify and mitigate threats that directly target your unique digital footprint.

VULNERABILITY RISK MANAGEMENT- InsightVM gives you live vulnerability management and endpoint analytics to view real-time risk.

APPLICATION SECURITY- InsightAppSec stays in step with your application development to easily introduce security throughout your SDLC.

ORCHESTRATION & AUTOMATION (SOAR)- InsightConnect unites your technology stack through custom workflows to accelerate security and IT processes.