Seqrite is the enterprise arm of India's leading and only listed cybersecurity products and solutions company – Quick Heal Technologies. Seqrite's cybersecurity solutions suite enables organizations to secure their endpoints, data, networks, and users across geographies.

Founded in 1995, the company embodies "Make in India," covering end-to-end cybersecurity solutions. Backed by one of the best cybersecurity companies in India, Seqrite is powered by state-of-the-art Security Labs that continuously mines Threat Research, Real-time Detection, and Threat Intelligence.

Seqrite Services provides comprehensive cybersecurity consulting services to Corporates, PSUs, Government, and Law Enforcement Agencies. Seqrite has a global marquee clientele across BFSI, Pharma, Manufacturing, Government, Retail, and Hi-tech industries.

Digital is taking over the physical means of storing and communicating information. This heightened digital access should be accompanied by robust digital security. We, as a cybersecurity consulting firm, are a pioneer in producing tools that can be used to secure your identity, assets and technology in the online and mobile world.

We provide digital security services that protect against Internet attacks and intrusion. These include antivirus software, firewalls, antispyware and data protection to name a few.

Securing personal and corporate devices gives you the freedom to communicate, travel, shop, bank and work using your digital identity conveniently and securely!